Fortune Lake Associates for Ministry Experiences

F.L.A.M.E. aims to increase:

  • Information flow between camp and congregation
  • Excitement and awareness of FLLC
  • Participation from your congregation
  • Sense of “shared ministry” from your congregation


  • Being part of the ministry team
  • Fellowship
  • Shared experiences
  • Being a key person for the future of FLLC


  • Messenger for the congregation to bring the good news of FLLC to Councils, Pastors and Congregations
  • Know the camp programs
  • Temple Talks (follow scripted ones, if desired)
  • Report observations & responses back to FLLC
  • Encourage campership programs within the congregationSubmit FLLC opportunities for publication in Newsletters and Sunday Bulletins and postings on Bulletin Boards
  • Share information / expertise with other FLAMEs
  • Maintain two-way communication with FLLC

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For other questions about the FLAME program, contact Ruth Warmanen, FLAME coordinator, at or Pastor Tracy at