Best. Summer. Job. Ever!

Apply now to be part of the 2018 Summer Staff for a summer you will remember forever! As a part of our staff you will make lifelong friends, touch the lives of countless campers, grow in your faith, gain leadership skills and have tons of fun!

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Imagine a summer where you will work hard, & get to play and pray.
Imagine a summer where you will meet people who will become your life-long friends.
Imagine a summer where you will get to change someone’s life.
Imagine a summer where you will be a hero to some young person.
Imagine a summer where your unique and special gifts will be put to use.
Imagine a summer where the days are long, challenging & filled with laughter and tears.

Being a camp counselor is THE Best. Job. Ever. It’s not an easy job. There are times when you might be challenged to your limit. It will change you. It will change how you see and understand the world. You will learn about yourself and about others.

If you can imagine your summer looking like this, then we invite you to apply to be a part of the Fortune Lake Staff of Summer 2018!

$25 Bonus given to staff who complete their application and have all three references turned in by January 31, 2018

Positions Available:

General Staff (Camp Counselor) must be at least 18 years of age. General Staff can expect to serve one or two weeks in every area of the camp. They are responsible for the care, supervision, and teaching of the campers assigned to their group. There may be weeks when a counseling position is not open for all General Staff, so a General Staff person may be placed on other duties for that week (including kitchen or maintenance). General Staff are responsible to the Program Assistant and Camp Director.

Villager/Mini /Mighty Ones Coordinator is responsible for planning and coordinating the Villager, Mini, and Mighty Ones (completed grades 1-4) Programs. Responsibilities of the Villager Coordinator include: supervising designated leaders, organizing daily schedule for staff, leading morning devotions, planning chapel services and games, coordinating the beach party, and working in combined effort with the Camp Director and Program Assistant.

Vagland Coordinator is responsible for planning and coordinating the Vagabond (completed grade 5-6) Program and the Night Owls (completed grade 7-8 & 9-12) Program. Responsibilities of the Vagland Coordinator include: supervising tree house leaders,
organizing daily schedule for weekly Vagland staff, leading morning devotions, planning Vagland chapel services and games, organizing Vagland food and cooking supplies, and working in combined effort with the Camp Director, Program Assistant and Head Cook.

Venturer Coordinator is responsible for planning and coordinating the Venturer (completed grades 7-8) Program. Responsibilities of the Venturer Coordinator include: supervising venturer leaders, organizing daily schedule for weekly Venturer staff, leading morning devotions, planning chapel services and games, coordinating the overnight, and working in combined effort with the Camp Director and Program Assistant.

Waterfront Director must meet current American Red Cross standards for Waterfront Directors, and have at least one season experience on a waterfront, if possible. The WD is responsible for setup of procedure and facility at the waterfront, supervision of all staff assigned to waterfront, monitoring and enforcing health and safety policy and procedures, providing support and/or guidance to all on site and off site aquatic activities, and be ready to assist in other areas. The WD will instruct staff in water safety and/or lifeguard certification, if qualified. The WD is responsible and accountable to the Camp Director for health and safety matters of the waterfront..

The Arts & Crafts Specialist is responsible for developing a fun activity program utilizing supplies on hand and purchased materials within the camp’s modest budget. The craft program must provide varying levels of challenge to work with campers from 1st-12th grade & special needs, and fit it within an Outdoor Ministry themed experience. The Arts & Crafts Specialist leads efforts to produce costumes and props for all camp activities and events, and coordinates projects for Day Camp Teams. The Arts & Crafts Specialist is responsible to the Camp Director.

Day Camp Coordinator is responsible for planning and coordinating the Off-Site Day Camp (Vacation Bible School) designed primarily for lower and upper elementary youth. The Day Camp Coordinator is involved with teaching as well as supervision during the Day Camp. The Day Camp Coordinator will make contacts with the churches to verify program needs and details. The Day Camp Coordinator is responsible for maintaining accurate financial records and submitting weekly reports, and will coordinate craft projects with ANC Specialist. Using assigned camp vehicles, The Day Camp Coordinator may serve as the primary driver for the team. The Day Camp Coordinator may be asked to provide transportation using their vehicle only in special circumstances and will receive mileage reimbursement. Responsible to the Camp Director.

Health Officer must possess health certification with minimum level being equal to American Red Cross ‘Responding to Emergencies’. If qualifications are less than licensed physician or registered nurse, the Health Officer will consult with the camp’s duly licensed Medical Consultant. The Health Officer is responsible for the general health and welfare of the campers and staff. The Health Officer will screen all participants, maintain records, provide prescribed first aid and assist in emergency situations. The Health Officer will assist or conduct First Aid and CPR training of the staff, if qualified. The Health Officer is directly responsible and accountable to the Camp Director.

Office Assistant must have keyboard experience or skill. Duties will include: data entry, processing mail, duplicating, telephone receptionist and other tasks necessary for the efficient operations of the office. The Office Assistant is directly responsible to the Office Manager, and is accountable to the Camp Director.

Canteen Manager duties will include various activities regarding the management of the Canteen (camp store), and working together with food service. Canteen Manager will be responsible for the care, upkeep, records, maintenance and operations of the Canteen. The Canteen Manager works with the Head Cook and Office Manger and is accountable to the Camp Director.

Media/Electronics Staff duties will include the organization, development, input and end product coordination of various media and electronics. Responsibilities include: taking group photos, daily photos and video, website & social media input, weekly final slideshows, and electronics for Chapel. The Media/Electronics Staff is responsible to the Camp Director

Maintenance Staff duties and daily tasks are assigned by the Facility Manager such as: housekeeping, grounds keeping, simple repairs, and general upkeep. A Maintenance person is directly responsible to and accountable to the Facility Manager.

Kitchen Staff will help prepare meals, be on dish team, clean the Dining Hall and related facilities, and follow direction of the Head Cook. The Kitchen Staff is directly responsible to the Head Cook.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are you looking for in Summer Staff candidates?

Summer staff positions carry a great deal of responsibility and require a great deal of stamina. We seek men and women who are mature, healthy, creative, diverse, cooperative, energetic, and willing to put the good of our camper and staff community ahead of their own personal interests.

Do I have to be Lutheran?

No. You must be Christian and willing to serve in an intentional Christian community, as a living example of Biblical values both on and “off duty.” Our Bible Studies and worship life is, of course, shaped by our Lutheran doctrine and history, but people of all Christian expressions are welcome to serve at Fortune Lake. We devote time during staff training to help you learn the Bible Study materials and help you to be comfortable with basic Lutheran Doctrine.

Do I stay in one program for the summer?

Program Leaders, Specialists, and support staff positions remain the same except for special circumstances. All other staff can expect to serve in a variety of areas/programs throughout the summer.

Can I have guests?

Staff training and program weeks are closed to guests because of our 100% commitment to campers. You may have guests during weekend time off. It is expected that you will check with the Camp Director to make sure there is room for your guest and secure over- night lodging in any cabin used by the same sex staff as your guest. There is no charge for either lodging or food for your guest. We encourage you to invite your family to visit.

What about time off?

We allow a short personal break each day for the summer staff. There is a staff lounge that is off limits to campers and is equipped with mailboxes, message board, telephone & answering machine, computer with internet access, refrigerator, microwave, couches, tables & benches. We also maintain a supply of leftovers, drink mix, milk & cereal.

There is no regular time off during the staff training period. For all program weeks, we end closing meeting by approximately 6pm on Fridays. All staff are expected back on site and present for the 12pm staff meeting on Sunday, with the exception of Day Camp Teams who leave at whatever time is appropriate for the Sunday Worship in their assigned program congregation that week. Time off, without pay, for important family/personal matters and emergencies may be granted at the discretion of the Camp Director.

Do I have to have experience?

No. It is not necessary for you to have worked at or attended a church camp. Our staff training is a time to get new staff and returning staff “on the same page” as a team for the season. In fact, if you’ve never worked at a camp before, your unbiased and fresh ideas will likely spice up the summer and be a catalyst for new traditions. We value both new and returning staff.

What about the pay?

The truth is that monetary compensation is only part of what you receive as a member of the Summer Staff Team (and the pay is better than you may have been led to believe). Actual money saved by you at the end of the summer will be very comparable to what you would have left in most jobs worked away from home. All work related travel and costs are covered by camp. Room and Board is provided.

A Summer Staff position can be a priceless addition to your resume. It provides skills and experience that can often make the difference in landing a job after college graduation. Plus, when you consider the awesome personal joy, satisfaction, friendships and growth that are typical for summer staff, you will want to take advantage of this unique opportunity!

On top of all this, we provide weekly compensation for all staff.

What if I need to complete an internship for my program at school?

We would love to work with you to see if your job at camp can meet the requirements for your program. Please contact Pastor Tracy to talk about how you might be able to complete your internship at camp!