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Tenacious 200

We are looking for 200 TENACIOUS sustaining donors, giving monthly at different levels, to help keep our budgets balanced and our faith giving opportunities to grow and improve for years to come. Please “join the team” through PayPal or Thrivent as described below.

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Give Monthly via EFT through Thrivent

Fill in this form: Thrivent Simply Giving Form and return it to the camp office to establish a regular monthly withdrawal from your checking or savings account.

Donate by Mail

Send check made out to “Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp” to:

Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp
138 Fortune Lake Camp Rd.
Crystal Falls, MI 49920

Thank you! brooke's cabin

It is the supporters of Fortune Lake who help insure that we can continue to serve campers each year. Without your support, we couldn’t continue to provide the life changing opportunities that occur at Fortune Lake each year.

Thrivent Choice Dollars

If you are a Thrivent member that is eligible to designate choice dollars to an organization, please consider designating them to Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp! Over the last several years, Choice Dollars have enabled us to give out scholarships and make improvements around camp that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. For more information on how to designate your dollars, please contact your representative.

Thrivent provides each of their members with the opportunity to apply for 2 Thrivent Action teams per year. Action teams can be to support fundraisers, service projects, or an educational event. Thrivent will provide you with a banner, t-shirts, and $250 to support the project. We invite you to get a team together to support the ministry of Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp. Listed below are some easy service projects that could have a big impact here at camp. They can be done by a confirmation group, women’s group, congregational activity or just a family or two teaming up! Please contact us before you apply to be sure there isn’t another group hard at work on the same project! Most of these can be completed with the $250 provided by Thrivent Action Team.

You can find the PDF of the Thrivent Action Teams Form: HERE.

Fortune Lake Needs List:

  • Minivan
  • Pick up truck
  • “Cranberry” hymnal (ELW)
  • New vacuum cleansers (Dyson only please!)
  • Large doormats
  • Golf cart
  • Guitar strings
  • Computers–new or nearly new
  • Patio chairs
  • Plower truck
  • Dehumidifier

Thrivent Action Teams List:

  • Help us to make Fir cabin more Toddler/ Preschool friendly for family camp programs. Purchase toys, tables/ chairs and organize the space.
  • “It only takes a spark to get a fire going,” but it takes lots of wood to keep it going. Rent a log spitter and help us fill up our bins to keep fires going all year round.
  • Help us be more welcoming to babies by purchasing and installing changing tables for Grace Lodge and
  • Dining Hall bathrooms.
  • We are always in need of help cleaning! Come for a few hours to deep clean a space and provide us with a new vacuum (Dysons are the only brand that survive the sand for more than a summer).
  • Spruce up the villager cabins with new brooms, dust pans and floor mats. Help us keep the duplexes clean with new brooms, dust pans, and mops.
  • Our bathrooms could be spiffied up with a clean and new shower curtains and bath mats.
  • After one summer of use, it is clear the treehouse could use some large floor mats outside each door and small one inside each door.
  • Come play a game! Re-paint the lines for our four square court and purchase new basketball, volleyballs, baseballs and playground balls.
  • Have a picnic! Bring your lunch and build us a new picnic table for others to enjoy.
  • Take a seat! Painted benches have long been a tradition at Fortune Lake. We could use many around the site to help increase the comfort of those that come to camp or provide new deck chairs for outside of our lodges.
  • Help keep camp clean. Come clean camp up and provide us with garbage cans and “surrounds” to help keep us clean all year round.
  • Make improvements at one of our overnight sites and purchase a new tent.
  • Nothing says a camp meal like Pudgy Pies! Purchase some new irons for us and crates to store them in. Season them, so they are all ready for use!
  • Help us keep our beach safe! Clean out the boat house and fill it with some new lifeguard tubes, whistles, and CPR masks.
  • Kids love to play in the sand. Build a new sandbox, fill it with toys for lots of play.
  • Make a joyful noise! Help us keep the music alive with guitar strings and picks, new copies of Holden
  • Evening Prayer, and the ELW (cranberry hymnal).
  • “A picture is worth a thousand words” they say. Help us to tell our story by providing new media equipment. Get creative. Come clean Arts and Crafts and fill it with supplies for next summer.
  • Do you love to sew? Many our buildings could use some new curtains.
  • Help keep kids safe and well. Prep our health office for summer and stock it with supplies. Have a painting party! Many of our buildings could use a fresh coat or paint and/or stain. Help us to update some of our lighting to energy efficient LED bulbs and fixtures.
  • Update flooring duplexes.