FLLC is a source of pride for congregations of our Association and members fondly talk about their camp. You and your congregation are invited to adopt a cabin or project that is in need of some tender loving care.

Thrivent Action Teams

Thrivent provides each of their members with the opportunity to apply for 2 Thrivent Action teams per year. Action teams can be to support fundraisers, service projects, or an educational event. Thrivent will provide you with a banner, t-shirts, and $250 to support the project. We invite you to get a team together to support the ministry of Fortune Lake Lutheran Camp. They can be done by a confirmation group, women’s group, congregational activity or just a family or two teaming up! Please contact us before you apply to be sure there isn’t another group hard at work on the same project! Most of these can be completed with the $250 provided by Thrivent Action Team.

You can find the PDF of the Thrivent Action Teams Form: HERE.

Adopting congregation or individuals agree to:

  • Make a three year commitment to the project
  • Bring volunteers to clean up, repair, and improve the adopted building or area of camp
  • Provide funds for cabin/project with at least semi-annual installments

More information: Adopt-A-Cabin brochure