Fall Festivities

Fall is in full swing here at Fortune Lake! The leaves are changing color, the air is getting chillier, and we’re transitioning into a new season. There have been many events that have kept us busy, and it was wonderful seeing our staff alumni at a few of them! Some of the events we’ve held since summer ended include: Fall Fest and our Tree House Dedication, our JR High Retreat, and our newest program, Half Day Camp.

If you haven’t heard about Half Day Camp yet, we’ll explain it more in-depth. There’s a bunch of half days scattered throughout Forest Park’s school year calendar and they’re mostly during the week, so it can create a dilemma for the parents who work. We’ve collaborated with the school in order to offer a Half Day Camp experience for the elementary youth. Their time here includes games, snack time, arts and crafts, and magical times. We have the high school students coming out and helping too, which helps them gain leadership skills. It’s been great for us to connect more with our local community!

In addition we’ve been hosting different quilting groups, getting our facilities ready for winter, doing some offsite shenanigans, and making sure everything is good from the summer.

There is always something to do here at camp! We hope you all are enjoying fall, and are excited for the transitions in season. As much as we’d love an endless summer with our campers, there is beauty in all seasons.